About Us

The Donuterie grew out of Fruitful Market, a healthy eatery and market in the Carlaw and Dundas area. As the pandemic brought about many changes to our store, it also offered an opportunity for experimentation and an impetus for new ideas. Sensing the appetite for comfort foods, Fruitful Market owner, Yannis Banks, decided to try making donuts using a recipe from a cookbook he had bought many years before. He started with 12 jam filled donuts, frying them in a Dutch oven. They were a huge hit! And so he made them again. And then again, and again. They would start to sell out so quickly that people would come in asking ‘where are the donuts today?’
Encouraged by the success, Yannis invested in larger equipment and got some pointers from a friend on making great brioche bread, a very similar dough to our signature brioche donut dough. The batches kept getting bigger along with the variety of flavours. People started coming from further and further away to try the donuts, and many told us these were the best donuts they had ever tried. The donut flavours became a new arena to express many of our culinary loves that didn’t naturally fit within Fruitful Market’s offering, like developing ideas based on seasonal fruit, making desserts influenced by liqueurs and cocktails, and incorporating childhood memories and old school treats. 
Eventually the donuts became so popular they deserved their own platform. With a focus on creativity, quality and joy, we chose the name The Donuterie as a cross of Donut and Patisserie, to express the ethos of combining the soul of the classic donut with the techniques and creativity of the modern patisserie. The menu is ever-changing, and while we do now have our classics that are always available (hello Apple Fritter), with every new menu there is always a commitment to bring something fresh to the table, to be inspired by the seasons, and to take donuts in a new direction, while still staying true to the spirit of the classic.